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From application to expansion CannaBeSecure provides the products, services, and consulting you need to succeed in the Cannabis industry. The company was founded in 2018 by leading business, cannabis, and  Wall Street veterans with over 80 years’ combined experience. Starting as a cannabis security service, CannaBeSecure expanded its offerings and team to meet the growing needs of the market at large for dispensaries, process-manufacturers, grows, and state & local policymakers. CannaBeSecure is a Certified Woman Owned Business and a Proud Member of the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council(WBENC). We contribute part of our profits to retired military and law enforcement associations.

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Our Mission​

At CannaBeSecure, our mantra has been and always will be:

We are your cannabis business experts.

Not just any cannabis business experts, but specifically yours. We are with you through the journey of the State application process, through design, implementation and the evolution of building a profitable and sustainable cannabis business. We believe that good service stems from a personal touch.

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CannaBeSecure Donates a Portion
of Our Profits to the Following Organizations

Veteran’s Promise

Our promise is to advocate, educate, and raise awareness for all veterans. We will offer outreach for PTSD, suicide prevention, drug and alcohol education, and support to veterans and their families in our community. We will leave no stone unturned, no matter how big or small, to accomplish our mission. Advocacy is the first step in conquering the battle here on the home front. We will do whatever it takes to Keep the Promise.

Fraternal Order of Police Survivors Fund

Fraternal Order of Police Survivors Fund is a non-profit organization in Philadelphia run by Lodge #5 of the Philadelphia Fraternal Order of Police. Money raised provides financial assistance and support to the families of Philadelphia Police Officers who have been injured or killed in the line of duty. Since 1828 more than 260 Philadelphia Police Officers have given their lives while protecting ours. The FOP Survivors Fund was established to not only to remember the sacrifice of each officer, but also to acknowledge the sacrifice made by each of the surviving families. 

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