Build A Winning Team

One of the most important elements of a winning application which in turn leads to a cannabis license is having a winning team! Think about it in these terms: You’re in charge of hiring someone for a job. You most likely would review the candidate’s resume before scheduling the interview to ensure the candidate is qualified on paper and meets the job requirements. The job candidate must write an articulate resume to stand out from the others to have a chance at being on the top of the interview pile.

The same goes with winning a state cannabis license. You want to have an all star cast on your state application that will make your application standout in a positive fashion. For example, having minorities, women, Veterans, or disabled Veterans listed on your application will strengthen your application score substantially. Depending on the license you are applying for will depend on the expertise needed to make your application shine.

CannaBeSecure has the Executive team that can be listed on your state application to strengthen your overall application score. We have a Wall Street Executive, Purple Heart recipient, former Navy Seal, Security Executive and Regulatory Compliance Executive on the CBS team that can be listed on your application for a fee.

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