Psilocybin Compliance

Entrepreneurs looking to break into the growing psychedelic marketplace can stay ahead with the assistance from CannaBeSecure’s Psilocybin Services. 

With the legalization and liberalizing regulations of cannabis in some states and the international market, businesses and medical professionals are already looking into Psilocybin, a psychedelic compound in “magic mushrooms.”

Psilocybin is gaining widespread popularity especially to proponents of the psychedelic marketplace. The medical and scientific industry is continuously exploring its efficacy for the treatment of addiction, depression, and end-of-life distress. 

It may only be a matter of time before psilocybin follows the trail blazed by cannabis to mainstream acceptance with respect to it being approved for supervised medical use. 

No wonder, the number of psychedelic companies already going public is already growing and is expected to increase in the years to come. 

CannaBeSecure Psilocybin Services

At CannaBeSecure, we’re continuously expanding our service offerings to help connect businesses and dispensaries with the right tools and partners to help them grow and succeed. 

We’re starting to provide businesses with guidance and information into emerging regulations once the psilocybin market becomes a full-blown reality.

As we prepare for this, we’re envisioning the rise of innovative, psychedelic products in the market.

We support businesses interested in the cultivation, processing, manufacturing, and providing compliant products for psilocybin consumers.

One of our service offerings is focused on supporting businesses with the regulation of the newly legalized therapeutic psilocybin market.

We do this by:

  • Assisting stakeholders in highly regulated industries across all operations to obtain licensure
  • Ensure long-term compliance at the federal, state, and local levels
  • Adding specialization and expanding consumable products safety knowledge

How CannaBeSecure Compliance Services Work

CannaBeSecure provides a host of regulatory offerings to support business growth and compliance. 

We work to mitigate your chances of making a mistake and putting your business at risk.

1. Compliance Regulations

We provide the business with tools on the regulations for each layer of compliance in their state. 

This includes a complete listing of the State Laws and updated regulations (including Federal laws) to keep up on the regulations for each layer of compliance in their state.

2. Application Assistance

We assist in your application for a business license ensuring all requirements are met, including but not limited to:

  1. State Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs for manufacturing)
  2. Good Retail Operations Practices (GRPs for retail dispensaries)
  3. Good Cultivation Practices (GAPs for growing operations)

Our Secure Partners also assist in equipment identification and sourcing activities.

3. Equipment Identification, Operational Deployment & Other Sourcing Activities

We offer our expertise in functionality (business plan review) and regulations (health, fire, building department).

We also perform risk assessments to ensure that health and sanitation requirements, worker safety, and fire safety needs are all met.

We’ll help you develop and implement  Standard Operating Procedures that cover cultivation operations, activities, equipment, and regulatory compliance requirements.

Our Secure Partners will ensure dispensary operational and regulatory training and setup, workflow design, and refinement.

4. Certifications and Training

We’ll help bring your business operations to the next level. 

This is possible through certifications that complement operations and promote business growth and development.  

  • FDA Compliance Assistance: Upgrading to good food safety standards lessen the risk of outbreaks, hefty fines, or closure
  • HACCP Certification: Take a proactive approach to reduce health and safety risks
  • Good Agricultural Practices (GAP): To identify and correct hazards that could result in microbial contamination
  • OSHA Compliance:  to ensure safe and healthful working conditions for employees
  • ISO 22000 for Certification: this Food Safety Management System certification gives customers confidence in your product
  • Compliance Training: ensure that your team is always ready for audits and regulatory visit

5. Due Diligence Audit

We provide a Due Diligence Audit if you’re considering buying a psilocybin company or investing in one but don’t know enough about compliance. To know if it’s a good idea, we can conduct an audit so you can protect your investment right from the start.

CannaBeSecure Psilocybin Compliance

Our team of experts will provide psilocybin industry businesses with professional services in the areas of licensing, compliance audits, compliance training, and due diligence audits. 

Comprehensive knowledge of evolving regulations and compliance is at the core of our mission. 

At CannaBeSecure, we put an end to your compliance worries so you can focus on growing your business and providing the best and safest products to your customers.

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